Salaam aliakum. The Ibn Zuhr Medical Forum web site has been set up so that anyone in the caring professions in Palestine can find out easily where and when meetings are being held. We must use every device and all our energy to lift the standards of practice to the highest level.

Blood Supply
Blood Supply of the Brain - Neuroanatomy Artery
  • Beginning
  • Termination
  • Course and relations
  • Branches
  • Clinical anatomy
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Sci Rehabilitation
Traumatic spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  • Spinal cord lesion
  • It's a damage of the spinal cord due to trauma ,disease or congenital defect. The clinical pictures vary according to the extent and location of the lesion.
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PPT lectures
Low Back Pain among Physical Therapy
Professionals in Gaza Strip: Survey study

Prepared by: Fadel Mohammad Masoud
Under Supervision: Dr. Khamis Elessi
July / 2007


  • Back pain is the number one cause of lost time in industry , hospital and schools
  • Virtually everyone will experience back pain at some time in life.
  • Back pain is self-limiting problem (90%) of back pain patients recover over a (3 to 4) weeks period , and many recover in only a few days.
  • Back problem are common , in the United States of America (USA) , about (80%) of the population will experience low back pain during adulthood , and (1%) of the affected patients will also experience sciatica , the annual incidence of low back pain is (15-20%).
  • Males are affected as often as females , and the pain is usually self-limiting , with 50% of affected patients recovering by 2 weeks and (90%) recovering by 6 weeks.
  • Only( 1%) of the population in United States of America is chronically disabled by back symptoms ( Skinner 1994).
  • The socioeconomic impact of back problems is enormous.
  • Low back pain is the most common reason for visits to the orthopedic surgeon.
  • Costs are estimated to range from( 20-50 $) billion annually , with (10%) of the patients accounting for( 85-90%) of the costs , investigator have shown that patients with chronic low back pain tend to be dissatisfied with their vocation , viewing it as boring and repetitious , they also have an increased divorce rate , more problems with headaches and gastrointestinal ulcers , and a higher rate of alcoholism than the average population ( Skinner 1994).
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Difficulties in the training of doctors in Gaza
The difficulties in training doctors in Gaza David Halpin FRCS 13 February 2010

It is recognized by leaders in medicine in the Gaza ghetto that the standards of medical practice are patchy. That would surprise no-one who knows that every difficulty is faced in training doctors and when they start their healing work. Dr Khamis Elessi MD asked me to put my observations down on paper in 2008. Since this web site has been slow to get going, I thought this would be a good way to start a discussion on these pages.

It is a personal account born of at least six periods of observation in Gaza and of thought back in Britain. My interest in helping arises out of a love for medicine and for the teaching of this sacred subject. This writing is a small thing, considering the torment suffered by the people, especially the very poor majority.